Florida Society of Rheumatology's Rheum-Wise Webinar Series

Rheum-Wise was started in the summer of 2016. It is funded by a non restricted educational grant from Eli Lilly, Inc. The purpose is to further medical education without direction or supervision of the pharmaceutical industry. Topics for discussion include case reports, difficult issues in patient management, reviews of a topic relevant to rheumatology and discussion of ongoing controversies in the rheumatic diseases. These webinars are available to all members of the FSR. Members are encouraged to participate. Outside participants can be included and will be encouraged as the project expands.

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Ophthalmology/Rheumatology Comanagement

Grace Levy-Clarke, MD
Oct. 25, 2016

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Rheum-Wise Case Discussion

Jaishree Manohar, MD & Jeffrey Kaine, MD
Dec. 15, 2016

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Visualizing the Problem: Imaging in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Guillermo Valenzuela, MD, FACR
Jan. 10, 2017D